Roro Baitcasting Titanium Spule ATX27 | T3 AIR | SS AIR | ALPHAS AIR

Roro Baitcasting Titanium Spule ATX27 | T3 AIR | SS AIR | ALPHAS AIR

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With the Titanium spool (Shallow Spool) from Roro Lure you'll give your baitcaster reel the perfect upgrade, to cast ultralight baits.

The body is made of aluminum, which is in the aviation is used. This makes the coil ultra light. In connection with the spool shaft, which consists of a titanium alloy, the spool weighs just 4.8 g (without ball bearings).

A matching stainless steel ball bearing (3mm x 11mm x 4mm) that sits on top of the spool shaft.

For even better performance, we recommend that you equip your reel with suitable Tuning ball bearings to achieve maximum effect.

Recommended casting weight: 1.5 g - 10 g

Please note that the lighter materials when using this spool will reduce the braking capacity of your reel.

Standard Brake Ring is built into the spool.

The manufacturer states that when using the spool, the line can make noise when it runs through the line guide . Please consider this before purchasing.

Recommended string:

Recommended braided cord,
nylon - and carbon line should be avoided as they can easily damage the spool.

You should fill the spool with approx. 80% line, otherwise there is a greater risk of the spool overturning and the risk of a "Bird's Nests".

Spool capacity for braided fishing line:

0.6 mm - 120 meters

0.8 mm - 100 meters

1.0 mm - 80 meters

Compatible with the following roles:





2018 SV LIGHT Limited edition Produced by T.Namiki

!!Attention!! does not fit the 2018 GREEN ALPHAS AIR, 2020 ALPHAS AIR TW

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