about us

RL fishing reel tuning is an online shop run by enthusiastic tackle nerds from Berlin.

We want to make tuning and customization of fishing equipment accessible to all of you.
To do this, we order products that you could only import in a cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive manner, or perhaps never had on your radar.

We will constantly expand our range in order to surprise you with new products.

Our main focus is on the quality and use of the product - so everyone should be able to find the right accessory - regardless of whether you have one have a tight budget or are looking for the finest high-end parts.
We don't commit ourselves to a specific price category.

If you miss something in our shop, please let us know - we'll check for you whether we can get the hot shit down.

From our point of view, there are currently far too few opportunities in Germany and Europe to adapt fishing equipment to your needs - we want to change that.

Our long-term goal is therefore to sell local manufacturers in addition to the brands you know Find and get parts regionally.

We also want to offer you a pampering program for your reel, because over time dust and dirt collect in the small moving parts.
We devote ourselves to cleaning and care your fishing reel if you don't have the time or the know-how yourself.

We are all passionate anglers, passionate street fishermen, what else is there to do in Berlin? 😋

Therefore our interest in better and better tackle is growing, we want to get more out of our equipment.

Of course we also want to attract attention - because let's be honest, we anglers are proud of our catches and our tackle and want to show them to the world - there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Our hobby connects, calms (mostly anyway 😉), friendships are formed and adventures are experienced - that's what lures us to the water again and again.

The team

Jule is our creative genius, solid as a rock and aspiring business psychologist.
She is the master of everyday office madness, without her we would literally perish. 😚

Furthermore, she ensures that the creative flow doesn't stand still.
Not only does she turn standard fishing reels into truly unique pieces, she also ensures that ideas and designs are constantly replenished.

With her friendly and always cheerful manner, she is always at your side with advice and action.

Danny is the founder of RL-Angelrolletuning,
he is a trained IT system clerk and retail salesman.

Danny is mainly responsible for purchasing, marketing and customer service.

He is an enthusiastic angler and prefers to fish in Berlin on the Spree, the Dahme and the surrounding area.
If he When he's not busy realizing new products and ideas, he's banging around on the Spree in his little aluminum boat - always on the lookout for ONE fat bass

Robert "The Social Superman",
that's how you could describe the Oecher Jung.

Robert is a trained retail salesman and has studied social sciences.< br>He mainly takes care of the social media area on Facebook and Instagram and is the voice of the company.

Every day he tries to entertain and inform you, the meme master himself has a lot of fun and we do are glad to have him with us.