Strong Kit | Fishing reel maintenance | oil & fat

Strong Kit | Fishing reel maintenance | oil & fat

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Winter time is maintenance time, with the Starter Kit from Deuthlon you have everything you need for successful maintenance of your fishing reel .

The set includes three different greases and a high-performance oil. You can use it to create a wellness program miss.

Deuthlon has developed an optimal set here, which has been perfected over years of development - by anglers for anglers.
Dust and Aqua Shield technology prevent dust and water from entering the gears and other moving parts of the reel.

Content and intended use:

1x Semi Fluid Grease 10 ml

The semi-liquid grease has a very low viscosity and is very suitable for ball bearings and gears in light fishing reels.

Grease in the ball bearing? Are they spiders? No, don't worry, the grease is suitable for ball bearings that are subject to high loads. It's a compromise between durability and performance.

1x Ceramic Reel Gear Grease 10 ml

A grease for the gears of your fishing reel that protects your gears from corrosion and significantly reduces wear. This significantly increases the life of your fishing reel and extends the maintenance intervals.

Protects your gear from water and dust and ensures your reel runs smoothly.

1x Power Drag Grease 10ml

Bombproof grease for your brakes, this grease ensures constant pressure from your brakes on hard-fighting fish. It supports the braking system because it goes into a non-Newtonian state when loaded. This means the tighter the fish pulls, the tighter the fat will be. This increases the braking power of your fishing reel by up to 40%.

1x Ultra Light Cast Lube 10 ml

Finest ultra-light viscous oil for UL and BFS ball bearings and spool bearings for maximum performance.
Increases your casting distance, reduces drag and volume.
Reliably prevents dust and sand from penetrating the ball bearings and settling.

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