"Kattobi" tuning kit ball bearings | Daiwa Air BFS 1030 & 1030

"Kattobi" tuning kit ball bearings | Daiwa Air BFS 1030 & 1030

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"Kattobi" Tuning Kit Kugellager | Daiwa Air BFS 1030 & 1030-BC Kugellager-Hedgehog Studio-RL-Angelrollentuning

With the "Kattobi" ball bearing tuning kit you get a premium ball bearing set from Japan for your baitcaster reel. The kit includes 2 ball bearings with the bearing size 1030Air BFS (3mm x 10mm x 4mm).

The small stainless steel balls are built into the housing so precisely that they start to move even with the slightest weight. As a result, the reel performs incredibly well and has an extremely high speed on the one hand and very smooth running on the other.

Squeeze out the last few feet!

The Air BFS ball bearing set is aimed at the finesse anglers among you who primarily cast lures from 1 - 14 g. With the ball bearing you achieve an average of 10 - 30% more throw distance. Doesn't sound like much, but with a casting distance of 30 m you get up to 9 m more out of your reel compared to factory ball bearings. This enables you to fish spots that were previously out of your casting range.

Why use tuning bearings?

In general, ball bearings that are installed in the reel from the factory often do not have good rotation properties, as a lot of grease and dust prevent smooth running.

The AIR BFS tuning kit is oiled at home, the in-house alchemy oil from Hedgehog Studio ensures the perfect balance between oil and ball bearings.

The "Kattobi" bearings undergo quality control, for this they are checked by hand after assembly and only the bearings with excellent rotational performance are allowed to leave the house.

It is therefore not necessary to clean or lubricate the ball bearings. The ball bearings can be used out-of-the-box.

Compatible roles 


  • Steez Air TW !!!Attention!!! see below
    • 500H, 500HL, 500XXH, 500XXHL
  • Steez CT SV TW
    • 700H, 700HL, 700XH, 700XHL
  • Steez SV TW
    • 1012SV-XH, 1012SV-XHL, 1016SV-H, 1016SV-HL, 1016SV-SH, 1016SV-SHL
  • Steez LTD SV TN
    • 103H-TN, 103HL-TN
  • Steez LTD SV
    • 105XH, 105XH
  • Steez SV
    • SV6.3R, SV6.3L
  • 20 Zillion10 SV TW
    • 10.0R, 10.0L
  • Zillion TW HLC 1516
    • 1516SH, 1516SH
  • Zillion SV TW
    • 1016SV, 1016SV-L, 1016SV-H, 1016SV-HL, 1016SV-SH, 1016SV-SHL, 1016SV-XXH, 1016SV-XXHL
  • SS SV
    • 103, 103L, 103H, 103HL, 103SH, 103SHL
  • SV Light LTD
    • 6.3R-TN, 6.3L-TN, 8.1R-TN, 8.1L-TN


For the Steez Air TW, which has a special small-diameter spool, the Cross wrench for the spool shaft pin TYPE R not! Please use the SLP WORKS Spool BB Remover II

for this

Please also note:
AIR BFS bearings cannot be used with the following reels due to their special spools:

< span>21 STEEZ LTD SV TW

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Philipp Hinz
Die besten Lager für bfs

Habe diese Lager in meine Daiwa Steez Air gebaut.
Die Rolle läuft jetzt noch viel leichter als vorher.
Klare Empfehlung.

lieben Dank für deine Empfehlung!

Torsten Michael Papke
Alles Perfekt

Schnelle Lieferung, super Lager, was will ich mehr

Olaf Ebeling

Super Qualität, alles bestens, schnelle Lieferung

Enrico Wollin

Immer wieder gerne. Bin sehr zufrieden

Hallo Enrico, vielen Dank für deine Bewertung. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass du zufrieden bist

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