Hybrid Keramik Kugellager Set | ABEC 9 | Daiwa | 5x11x4 | 3x10x4

Hybrid Keramik Kugellager Set | ABEC 9 | Daiwa | 5x11x4 | 3x10x4

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Hybrid Keramik Kugellager Set | ABEC 9 | Daiwa | 5x11x4 | 3x10x4

The hybrid ceramic ball bearings in ABEC 9 premium quality ensure that your fishing reel runs smoothly!

The set includes two ball bearings, one each in size  5x11x4 mm + 3x10x4 mm.

By the Ceramic bearing im Stainless steel housing the spool of your baitcaster reel starts up much faster and achieves significantly higher Speeds.

With this you can throw lighter baits and achieve a noticeable improvement in Throw range.

What doesABEC 9 mean?

ABEC is a standard that indicates how high the Manufacturing tolerance is.
The higher the number, the higher the precision of the production of the ball bearing and the smoother it runs is it.
The standard is given with odd numbers only.

That means ABEC 3 bearings are on the bottom, followed by ABEC 5 and 7, which are pretty much the most used bearings. They are usually installed as standard.

So you can see that you are dealing with a premium ball bearing that does not have to hide from the competition.

Why use tuning bearings?

In general, ball bearings that are installed in the reel from the factory often do not have good rotational properties, as there are a lot of bold and Dust prevent smooth running.

The hybrid ball bearings are Dry delivered and are equipped with an Anti-Rubber Cover that ensures that the ceramic bearings are protected from dirt particles. You can remove this cover for cleaning and oiling.

You can also install the ball bearings without the orange seal, which will get you a little more speed out of the ball bearings because the friction is reduced.

Long durability

The ball bearings can be fished dry, but we recommend every user to oil the ball bearings, preferably with  Alchemy Oil from Hedgehog Studio or the Premium Bearing Oil from Glitch Oil.

So you simply have more of it and don't have to wait for the ball bearings as often, in addition, the whirring of the ball bearings is significantly reduced if you oil them.
Just add a drop of oil, that's all it takes to enjoy it for a long time.

Compatible roles (click me)

    • 100XS/100HS/100H/100HSL/100HL
    • 100H/100SH/100HL/103H/103HL
    • 1016 H / 1016 HL / 1016 HC / 1016 SH / 1016 SHC / 1016 SHL
  • Z
    • 200HS/200H/200HL, 2020H/2020SH
  • Smak
    • 100H, 100HL, 100SH, 100SHL
  • Smak Red Tune
    • 100SH, 100SHL
  • T3 SV
    • SV6.3R-TW, SV6.3L-TW, SV8.1R-TW, SV8.1L-TW
  • T3 MX
    • 1016H/1016HL/1016SH/1016SHL/1016XH/1016XHL
  • T3BLS
    • 100H/100HL/100HS/100HSL/100XS/100XSL
  • T3 100H Limited Edition Red/Yellow
  • T3
    • 1016H-TW/1016HL-TW/1016SH-TW/1016SHL-TW
  • Trillionaire
    • 100H/100HL
    • 1016/2020/H/HL/C1012PE-HW/C2020PE-H
  • 18 RYOGA
  • Pluton
    • 100H/100HL/100SH/100SHL/PE Special
  • Millionaire Snakehead&Blacksheep
    • 250/300
  • Millionaire
    • CV-Z 300/CV-X 300/Bay area SP 200BB
  • Zillion
    • HD
  • Zillion
    • TW
  • Zillion
    • TWS
  • Zillion
    • 100HSHLR
  • Morethan
    • PE SV 8.1 L TW, PE SV 8.1 R TW
  • 19 Morethan PE
    • STW

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Thomas Ott
    Super Lager, guter Preis, schnelle Lieferung

    Alles prima so !!!

    Markus Skuta
    Alles super


    Olaf Ebeling

    Super Lager und eine sehr schnelle Lieferung. Werde diese Lager in eine 1600c bzw. 2500 von abu einbauen und am Samstag bei den Senioren World championships im castingsport werfen....

    Hallo Olaf, vielen Dank für dein Feedback, wir wünschen dir viel Erfolg beim Wettbewerb !

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