Gomexus Spinning Power Handle 68 mm mit 38mm Galaxy Knob | Shimano

Gomexus Spinning Power Handle 68 mm mit 38mm Galaxy Knob | Shimano

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The power handle with a length of 68 mm from Gomexus  with the spacy Galaxy 38 mm handle knob ensures that your spinning reel advances into galaxies that no fishing reel has seen before.

The handle made of aluminium was made in one piece, making it super robust and ensures excellent power transmission - so you can easily pull even the really big fish out of the water.

The large round 38 mm Galaxy crank knob made of Titanium provides a comfortable grip and offers a large grip surface.

The Power Handle is definitely a worthwhile upgrade for any fishing reel.
You can tame larger fish more easily with this than with a standard crank.


  • Weight: 39g
  • Length: 68mm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Knob diameter 38mm
  • Knob Material Titanium

Compatible Roles


Vanford 1000-5000, Vanquish FB 2000-5000, Stradic CI4+ FB 1000-4000, Stella FJ/Stradic FL1000-5000, Twin Power XD 3000-5000, Twinpower FD 1000-5000, Ultegra FC 1000-5000 , ,Exsence 3000-4000, Cardiff CI4+ 1000, Soare BB 2000, Sephia BB 3000, Ultegra FB 1000-5000, Stella FI 2000-4000, Sustain FG 2500-5000

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