Gomexus Side Balance Handle 52mm mit 20mm CNC Power Knobs | Daiwa

Gomexus Side Balance Handle 52mm mit 20mm CNC Power Knobs | Daiwa

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The Side Balance Handle by Gomexus with a length of 52 mm - this high-tech crank has it all.
Made with an ultra-precise CNC milling machine from a 7075 aluminum alloy, which is very often used for its strength in heavily stressed areas such as e.g. B. in the aerospace industry.

Equipped with a 20 mm CNC Power Knob, you give your fishing reel a modern look that will definitely cause a stir 😎. p>

The knobs are weatherproof, thanks to the drain Holesat.
These allow the water to drain reliably.
This means that the knobs are also 
suitable for salt water, as they can be easily rinsed out after use.

The balance system makes it easy to balance the crank, so you always have full control and any imbalance that may occur is a thing of the past.

  • Locknut tool
  • Washers

Installation Instructions:

Compatible Roles


LT Reel 1000-4000
Freams LT(18) 1000-4000
Tatula LT(18) 2000-2500
Luvias (04/07/12/15) 1003-3012
Luvias LT (20)2500-4000
Luvia's FC LT (20)2000-2500
Fuego LT
Steez TYPE(17)Ⅰ,Hi-SPEED
Steez TYPE(17)Ⅱ,Hi-SPEED
Theory (17)1003-4000
Caldia LT (18)1000-4000
Caldia (11/14) 2004-3520
Certate(10/13/16) 1003-3012
Certate LT(19) 2500-5000
Certate Finesse Custom 2004-2506
Exist FC LT (18) 1000-5000
Exist LT (18)2005-4000
Exist(05/12/15 )1025-3012
Exist Hyper Custom 2004-1508
Emeraldasmx /MX /Air /Air LT(14/17)2508
Kohga /AIR/MX/EX (14-18)2508
Gekkabijin /EX/AIR/MX LT (14)1003-2004
Lexa LT (19)2500-5000
Morethan LBD /Branzion LBD (17) 2510-3012
Presso limited (14-17) 1025- 2025
Bradia(09) 1503-3500
Ballistic FW LT (19) 1000-4000
Tournament Iso (09/12/15)3000
Team Daiwa Ignis (08)2004-2506
Switch Hitter LBD
Aegis TYPER [13-17] 2003-2505
X fire (14/17) 2510-3012

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