Gomexus Blade Titanium 100mm Handle mit 22 mm Titanium Flame Knobs (7x4mm)

Gomexus Blade Titanium 100mm Handle mit 22 mm Titanium Flame Knobs (7x4mm)

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Razor-sharp look and wafer-thin, that's the Blade Titanium Handle by Gomexus!

According to the manufacturer, the thinnest handle in the world and specially designed for BFS anglers.

The crank for your baitcaster weighs just 27 g and consists of a titanium alloy, which otherwise only used in aerospace .

The noble handle is equipped with 2 Galaxy Flame Knobs, these are very slim and thanks to their shape they adapt very well to the angler's thumb and fingers.
This gives you a very good grip and you can continue fishing without any problems even in wet weather.

The handle is ultra-light and yet extremely robust - ideal for the ultra light anglers among you who are after perch and trout.

The thin crank greatly improves the bite indication, you can feel every movement and every little tug on your fishing lure.
That increases your chances of catching a lot, because you can set the first go much earlier. It's just a lot of fun to experience what the bait is doing underwater and to get up close and personal with the predators.


SLX, Calcutta Conquest BFS, Curado BFS, Metanium DC, Adlebaran, Scorpion

For a detailed search, please also have a look at the Compatibility list for handles with 7x4 mm bore.

The crank handles are available from us with a 7x4 mm bore or 8x5 mm bore.

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Claudia Rebing
C. Rebing

Klasse Ware,kam sehr schnell perfekt.
Bestelle gerne wieder

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