Gomexus Crank 95mm Carbon Handle mit 20mm Finesse Touch Knobs (7x4mm)

Gomexus Crank 95mm Carbon Handle mit 20mm Finesse Touch Knobs (7x4mm)

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The handles from Gomexus are a real eye-catcher! These high-performance handles take your baitcaster reel to the next level. 

Gomexus Carbon Crank Handles are made of carbon and equipped with 20 mm Finesse Touch crank knobs.

Ultra-light crank knobs made of TPE

The almost hollow design inside the knobs makes for an incredibly light knob. The crank knob is still very resilient and has an incredible feel. In combination with the light carbon, this crank is an ultra-lightweight!

At first glance, this knob looks as if it was covered in a very thin film, but appearances are deceptive. The material is TPE which is extremely light and durable.

Available in different colors, so you can give your fishing reel a unique look and envious looks are guaranteed 😎 .

Environmentally friendly and extremely durable

With this knob you can give your fishing reel a new shine! The knobs are made of tthermoplastic elastomers or TPE for short.

TPE is a high-quality material that is robust and resistant to color fading. It is easy to clean and offers unparalleled grip and support even when wet. TPE is environmental, no harmful plasticizers are used in production!

TPE feels a little like rubber, but is significantly stronger. This gives the crank knobs an incredible grip that remains even when wet. 


  • 2 lock nuts (silver) + plate (black), each for right-handed or left-handed reels
  • Installation instructions

The crank handles are available with 7x4 mm bore or 8x5 mm bore .

Compatible wheels


Antares, Axis, Amenista, Aldebaran, Excense, Ocea Calcutta, Ocea Conquest, Engetsu, SLX, Genpu, Casitas, Cardiff, Calcutta, Calcutta Conquest, Curado, Grappler, Chronarch, Chromica, Citica, Scorpion, Speedmaster, Salty One, Stile, Bass Rise, Bass One, Bantam, Brenious, Barchetta, Baygame, Metanium

For a detailed search please also see the Compatibility list for handles with 7x4 mm bore.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tolle Handle für die Shimano Curado BFS

Diese Handle sieht optisch einfach genial aus an der Shimano Curado BFS.

Allerdings kann man diese Handle NICHT mit der Gomexus Sternbremse kombinieren. Die Sternbremse stößt entweder an die Handle oder man hat dank der Distanzscheiben dann soviel Abstand zwischen Handle und Sternbremse, dass man in den offnen weißen Kunststoffteil der Sternbremse gucken kann, sieht furchtbar aus.


Super Service !
Super Qualität!

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