Stainless Steel Knob Ball Bearings | Set of 4 | 4x7x2.5

Stainless Steel Knob Ball Bearings | Set of 4 | 4x7x2.5

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Stainless Steel Knob Ball Bearings | Set of 4 | 4x7x2.5

The stainless steel ball bearings in ABEC 5 quality ensure that your knobs run smoothly!

The set includes four ball bearings each in size 4x7x2.5 mm.

The High Precision Stainless Steel Bearings ensure that your handle knob can rotate smoothly. Ideal for replacing old ball bearings or new Knobs equip with ball bearings containing only plastic bearings.

What does ABEC mean?

ABEC is a standard that indicates how high the Manufacturing tolerance is.
The higher the number, the higher the precision of the production of the ball bearing and the smoother it is.
The standard is given with odd numbers only.

That means ABEC 3 bearings are on the bottom, followed by ABEC 5 and 7, which are pretty much the most used bearings. They are usually installed as standard.

Why use tuning bearings?

In general, ball bearings that are installed in the reel from the factory often do not have good rotational properties, as there is a lot of Bold and Dust prevent smooth running.

The stainless steel ball bearings are delivered already oiled and are equipped with an anti-rubber cover, which ensures that the bearings are protected from dirt particles. You can remove this cover for cleaning and oiling.

You can also install the ball bearings without a cover, so you can get a little more speed out of the ball bearings because the friction is reduced.

Long durability

The bearings are oiled by default, but we recommend every user to oil the ball bearings after a season, preferably with Alchemy Oil from Hedgehog Studio or the Premium ball bearing oil from Glitch Oil .

So you simply get something out of it for longer and don't have to service the ball bearings as often, and the whirring of the ball bearings is significantly reduced when you oil them.
Just a drop of oil in it, that's all it takes, for a long time having fun with it.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Müller

Ware wie beschrieben, schneller Versand.

Gerne wieder

Ingo Zemke
Perfekter Rollengriff

Perfekter Griff, schneller Versand gerne wieder

Christian Klatt

Es wurde schnell geliefert. Die Qualität passt.

Top Ware

Die Lager haben eine gute Qualität und laufen sehr leichtgängig. Die Lieferung kam schnell an und auch die Verpackung der Ware war top 👍

Eugen Milak


Marion Topola
Lager für Diana Knob

Miene Rolle läuft jetzt Mega leicht.

Alex Saßmann
Neue Knobs für meine beiden Aldebaran!!

Schnelle Lieferung, netter Kontakt, war alles sehr positiv!! Schnell verbaut und werten die Rollen optisch absolut auf!!

Hey Alex, vielen lieben Dank für dein Feedback! WOW sieht super aus! Wir freuen uns immer sehr zu sehen was ihr aus euren Angelrollen zaubert!

Super Knoblager

Die Lager sind wie in der Artikelbeschreibung dargestellt und klasse verarbeitet, machen ihren Job

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