Alchemy Oil Medium Light Rollenöl

Alchemy Oil Medium Light Rollenöl

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Alchemy Oil Medium Light Rollenöl-Rollenöl-Hedgehog Studio-RL-Angelrollentuning

Does your fishing reel need a general overhaul?

Your Bearings not spinning as well as they used to, or do you just want to get rid of that annoying squeak and groan you hear every time you cast your lure?

Hedgehog Studio has developed Alchemy Oil for just such cases!

The made in Japan Ultra Light Oil with medium viscosity is perfect for your baitcaster reel or stationary reel the care that she deserves.

The oil comes to you in a handy bottle with a needle nozzle. This allows you to dose it extremely precisely and ensure that only the necessary parts get the oil - not a drop is wasted.

Hedgehog Studio Use this oil on all Kattobi Bearings.

Basically, this oil is suitable for all small moving parts such as ball bearings, spool bearings, spool shafts, brake knobs, knob ball bearings and much more.

By using the oil, these parts will last significantly longer and require less maintenance.
Thanks to the low friction, the small parts of the fishing reel run much more smoothly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Victor Shestakov

Thanks a lot!
My order was fast in processing, the parcel was well packed and the delivery was on time.

Zydrunas Tissen
Rollen Öl

Guten Ware wider gerne

Thomas L
Langlebiger als Finesse Öle

Super Öl. Wer die Rolle nicht nur in Hochgeschwindigkeit rotieren lassen will und das Öl ein bisschen länger in den Lagern halten möchte, wird mit dem Medium Oil zufrieden sein. Die Langlebigkeit einer Wartung und wenn man die Rolle nicht ständig aufschrauben muss, das hat für mich mittlerweile seinen Reiz. Für manche Lager und größere Rollen ist bei den Lagern vielleicht durchaus an ein leichtes Fett zu denken. Danke an Reelaix für die Einfuhr nach Deutschland!

Thomas Runge

Sehr gutes Öl

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