Glitch Oil Passive

Glitch Oil Passive

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It doesn't slide anymore? Does your reel croak and groan with every throw? Then it's time to give your role a makeover with Glitch Oil, the High performance oil from Japan!

The passive oil is characterized by its extremely lowviscosity and very high lubricity. This is especially important for the moving parts in your baitcaster or spinning reel.

Passive is a very versatile oil, which is used especially in ball bearings. We like to use it for our Maintenance service for ball bearings, e.g. coil bearings or knob bearings. The oil ensures that the ball bearings run with extremely little resistance and at the same time have extremely good lubricity.

We use passives when we install ball bearings - almost every bearing gets a few drops of passive oil from us.

The oil has an excellent Anti-rust effect and significantly reduces friction!

Due to the lower friction, ball bearings in your fishing reel, for example, run much more smoothly and faster. The result is a clearly higher performance,which is also noticeable in the throw distance.< /p>

We recommend the Glitch Oil passive for the maintenance and care of your fishing reel for the spool bearing, knob bearing, ball and roller bearing.

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