Glitch Oil Evo 500

Glitch Oil Evo 500

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It doesn't slip anymore? Does your reel croak and groan with every cast? Then it's time to give your role a treatment with Glitch Oil, the high-performance oil from Japan

The Evo 500 maintenance oil is an ultra-high viscosity power oil! 

The Evo 500 is always used when very high wear is expected at the contact points, e.g. on gears. 

The oil will definitely appeal to the bigbait anglers among you, but finesse anglers should look for an oil that has a lower viscosity.

Because where there is a lot of force on the roller, friction and wear are particularly high. With the Evo 500 oil from Glitch Oil, you can give your stationary or baitcaster reel a treatment that will last you a long time. The advantages are obvious: your wheels last significantly longer, require less maintenance and run much smoother. 

With regular maintenance with the EVO 500, another positive effect occurs; with every use, a strong film is formed, which significantly improves lubricity. 

Due to the lower friction, ball bearings in your fishing reel, for example, run much smoother and faster. The result is a significantly higher performance, which is also noticeable in the throwing distance. 

We recommend the Glitch Oil Evo 500 for the maintenance and care of big bait fishing reels for the spool bearing, knob bearing, spool shaft and worm shaft.

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Lars Brack

Gute Dossierung und praktische Flasche.

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