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    • You enter discount codes at the checkout under the order summary, simply click on it and the discount code entry field will appear.

I want a knob but I don't see my role in the compatibility list, now what? (click me)

Don't worry, that doesn't mean that the knob doesn't fit, you can find out in just a few steps whether the object of desire fits your fishing reel.

As a first step, the handle knob must be able to be detached from the handle. The best way to do this is to take a closer look at the knob on your fishing reel.

Many knobs have a cap that you can remove, either carefully prying out with a screwdriver or pulling out with a small needle. Now comes the first exciting part, is there a screw under the cap or is the knob riveted?

If you see a screw BRAVO, that means the knob can be removed. If you don't see a screw, you literally have a rivet ... riveted handle knobs are usually only found on very cheap fishing reels.

You can loosen the screw with a screwdriver and remove the crank knob. Now you can measure the shaft where the knob sits, it shouldn't be longer than 27.5 mm and have a diameter of 4 mm.

See image:

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If the dimensions are correct, the knobs will fit!